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Questions and answers

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How soon will the delivery take place?

The delivery time and freight amount may vary depending on the location and mode chosen.
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How to guarantee the quality of the Costa Tropical?

We work with the best weaving factories in the country and all other supplies provide superior quality.

What care do I need to have with the piece?
  1. Always wash the parts by hand, with neutral soap and cold water, immediately after use.
  2. Do not store the wetted piece in plastic bags or leave it to soak it.
  3. Never use laundry soap, detergent, bleach or other cleaning products, which may degrade the color. Prefer a soap in a neutral bar.
  4. Never use a washer, dryer or dry cleaner.
  5. Try to avoid the contact of the piece with suntan lotion, sunscreen and other chemical agents that can cause stain.
  6. Avoid direct contact with rough surfaces to avoid damaging the product.
  7. Remove the sand residue with the pieces still dry.
  8. To increase durability of parts, avoid prolonged use in pools with excess chlorine.
  9. Caution for colors: Citrus fruits have less resistance to light and sun; the whites may become transparent when wet.
  10. Never use iron and dry the pieces always in the shade.
What forms of payment are accepted?

You can pay your order with Credit Card, Bank Draft or Debit Card Account.
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How do I exchange a product purchased by the site?

The deadline for requesting the return of the return value is 07 days after receipt of the product, following the rules of the Consumer Protection Code.

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